Baby's personality - nature or nurture?

What will your newborn baby turn out like when he grows up? Can we influence the outcome?

Psychiatrists have recognised four categories of personality:

  1. Novelty seeking (impulsive actions)
  2. Harm avoidance (pessimism and shyness)
  3. Reward dependence (prone to addiction)
  4. Persistence type (hard working and perfectionist)

Scientists report that different personality types have different brain structures and it seems that you are born with a brain structure that determines your personality at birth!

However, the power of nurture is strong, and while we may display strong personality tendencies, we draw from all four types, and the home example provides a vital overlay to soften some of the strong, negative components.

Confidence and security are the building blocks upon which to build a strong positive personality and you can provide this for your child.

Baby's personality