Help your baby adjust to Tummy Time

Most new mothers have heard about how important it is to put their babies on their tummies. Yes, this is very true and is an important developmental step in strengthening all the muscles that run down the length of your baby’s back.

Because babies are born so flexed, or curled up in a ball, many newborns don’t particularly enjoy spending time on their tummies. It is an uncomfortable and very new position for them.

Luckily, it can be broken down into a couple of different steps to help baby get used to being on the tummy without lying completely flat just yet.

To help your baby adjust to Tummy Time, try the following:

  • Sit in a reclined position to allow your baby to lie on your chest. Sit on a couch or on the bed but slouch down so that you are not sitting upright but rather reclined backwards a little.
  • Now pick up your baby and place on your chest. Her face may nestle into your shoulder initially, but the more she lies there, the more she will want to lift her head to look around.
  • Lifting her head will strengthen the back muscles and will eventually make Tummy Time more bearable.

It’s best to avoid Tummy Time just after a feed as this can be uncomfortable on a full belly!

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Tummy time