How to help your baby learn to sit

When your baby first learns to sit, he will need to be placed in the position described here as he will not yet have developed the skills required to move his own body into an upright sitting position. The more time he has spent on his tummy in the build-up to developing this ability, the more efficient he will be at maintaining his body upright.

Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Ensure a safe environment

To ensure a safe environment for your little one, either place cushions in a v-shape on the floor, or use a feeding cushion and place him sitting, facing towards the opening of the v-shape. This will ensure that he has adequate cushioning behind and to his side, should he fall over.

Step 2: Expect a wobbly start

It’s likely that he’ll be wobbly to start off with, as we all are with any newly acquired gross motor skill so be patient with your little learner. To begin with, he will probably sit with his legs spread quite wide apart and will lean forward on his arms, using them for support to prop himself up.

The idea is to help him sit independently for brief moments. His stability and strength should improve the more he does this.

Step 3: Play and engage

Now, sit in front of your baby and interact with him, either by talking and engaging with him or by playing with a toy or object of interest. This will help him to learn to shift his weight back onto his bottom (and off his hands) so that he can gradually start using them functionally in this position.

You’ll soon have your clever little one sitting like a champion!

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Baby learning to sit