How to massage your baby

Follow these simple instructions on how to massage your baby. Always choose your massage moment carefully for best results (after bathtime is a good option) and avoid massage after feeds!

Legs: Put a little oil in your hands and then wrap them around the width of baby’s thighs and pull down, one hand after another as if “ milking the leg”. Switch legs and repeat.

Feet: Rotate baby’s feet gently then stroke the top of the foot from ankle to toes. Use your thumbs to trace circles over the bottom of each foot. Switch feet and repeat.

Toes: Take each little toe between your thumb and forefinger and gently pull allowing the toe to slip through your fingers.

Arms: “Milk” each little arm from armpit to wrist and rotate baby’s wrist in each direction a few times.

Hands: Move your thumbs in a circular fashion on the palms of each of baby’s hands.

Fingers: Take each little finger between your thumb and forefinger and gently pull allowing baby’s finger to slip through your grasp.

Chest: Place your hands together with your small fingers on the centre of baby’s chest and then lightly flatten your hands to stroke outwards repetitively.

Back: Roll baby onto tummy and using your fingertips, trace circles on either side of the spine from the neck down to buttocks. Finish with long strokes from baby’s shoulders down to feet.

Baby massage