Is my baby unwell? Know when to call a doctor

Having a child that is ill can be very stressful, especially if you are unable to stay at home to care for them. Take note of the following precautions to keep your baby in good health:

  • Try to breastfeed for the first year
  • Place baby on the back to sleep to avoid SIDS
  • Don’t let anyone smoke around your baby
  • Avoid contact with unwell people
  • Wash hands after each nappy change
  • Make sure baby is fully immunised

Sometimes, unfortunately, your baby may become ill. Look out for these warning signs which may indicate that your baby may be unwell and require a visit to the doctor.

Unusual behaviour:

  • High pitched, weak or incessant crying

  • Baby is Inactive with no crying

  • Loss of interest in feeding

  • Difficulty with breathing e.g. laboured or noisy breathing

Tummy upsets:

  • Watery frequent stools

  • Blood in stools

  • Jelly-like stools

  • Dehydration

High Temperature:

  • A baby of less than 3 months old with a temperature greater than 37ºC should be seen by a doctor
Unwell baby