Should I worry if my baby is not crawling?

Crawling is the first gait learned by humans and it is beneficial to go through this stage. Some babies are bigger and heavier and are slower with motor milestones than the thin, wiry ones.

Some babies hardly crawl, but move from lying to standing and cruising. We should nevertheless encourage prone position “tummy time” to build strength and to develop balance and equilibrium and visual and sensory perception.

To encourage your little one to crawl:

  • Get down on your knees and crawl with your baby.
  • Scatter your baby’s toys at a distance requiring movement to reach them.
  • Persist with tummy time; even across your arm when on your lap.
  • Avoid walking rings and jumpers

It is not a medical crisis if your baby chooses to skip crawling, but we should try to encourage our babies to go through this stage as much as possible.

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Mom encouraging baby to crawl