Should you carry your baby on your back?

Yes, absolutely!

As your baby gets older, he will want to see more around him when carried, and at this stage, carrying him on your back is a great way to help him to do this, rather than forward facing on your front.

Occupational Therapist for Nubabi, Carly Tzanos advises parents and carers however not to put very young babies on their backs for the following reasons:

  1. Younger babies require more support than is usually offered with back carrying.
  2. The carrier cannot read their baby’s cues as easily when on the back so will not be in tune to a distressed baby and will not be able to respond as quickly.
  3. Younger babies’ little hips are not yet developmentally ready to be carried in the “open” position (until after they are 3 months old).

It’s best to wait until after 5 - 6 months and then to ensure that you are not over or under supporting your baby.

Tips for carrying your baby on your back

  • Start wearing baby on your back when his head and neck control is better (usually around the 6-7 month mark).
  • The carrier needs to support your baby at the stage they are in, so if he is not yet sitting comfortably without falling over, then he will require more support around his trunk.
  • When he is a toddler he will need less trunk support and the carrier then doesn’t need to come all the way up to his neck.
  • Your baby’s weight should be carried on his bottom. This means that his knees should be slightly higher than his hips.

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Mom carrying baby on her back

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