Tips for Tummy Time Fun

Your little one may not enjoy tummy time on their own so you may need to encourage this challenging position by getting down to their level with them. Singing, chatting, or using favourite toys may help to keep them entertained.

Here are some tips to get started:

Try placing your baby;

  • on their tummy over your legs (while you sit on a chair/floor), you can gently rock them in this position, place a stack of blocks for them to bash over at this eye level or call their attention to watch a pet/sibling
  • on your chest while you recline (you can gradually increase the angle as they get used to this position), sing some songs or have a little “chat”
  • over a large exercise ball, start off by moving the ball very gently from side to side and as they get used to the movement you can try back and forth as well as making the movement bigger. Placing a hand on their back will help them feel safe in this position and make sure they have something to look at on the floor/against the wall (e.g. a mirror, book, family member, toy they can grab etc.)
  • on the arm of a couch so you can “chat” with your face at their height. Try singing nursery rhymes or playing with puppets.
Tummy time