Two-Handed Task Fun

Before your growing baby learns to use his two hands for different parts of the same task (e.g. one holding the crayon and the other holding the page steady) he will need to learn how to use both hands simultaneously for a task (e.g. holding a beach ball).

This is a precursor to bilateral integration (using the two sides of the body in a smooth and coordinated way) which is used for many everyday tasks e.g. cutting, spreading butter on bread, fastening buttons.

You can help stimulate your baby’s bilateral integration skill development by playing together.

For this activity, you’ll need:

  • Balls, soft toys or foam blocks
  • Bucket, container or box

To play:

  1. Use a variety of large objects for your little one to play with using two hands together (large balls, containers, blocks, cloth books, beach balls or buckets)
  2. Your baby can practice picking up, moving, shaking, packing or unpacking or simply discovering these objects.
  3. You can put a smaller object inside some of the bigger ones for noise or added interest
Carly Tzanos