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Expert Advice from Birth to 3 Years

Parenting is wonderful but also challenging. It comes with endless questions, concerns and doubts. We're here to help with expert advice and support, so your confidence grows as your baby grows.

  • Track milestones

    Read about your child's development as it's happening and learn what to expect in the weeks ahead. Get the right advice at the right time.

  • Boost their development

    Play the right way. Get new activities every week recommended to boost your child's development with our customisable, Stimulation Guide.

  • Your questions, answered.

    Get the answers to your questions and concerns. Explore Health, Wellness and Parenting advice direct from the relevant, trusted experts, without leaving your home.

  • Capture special moments

    First tooth, first birthday and everything in between. An easy, fun way to compile memories and baby's milestones in one private place. Securely share their timeline with family and friends.

Meet your trusted experts

Meet your team of early childhood development experts giving you the support you need, when you need it.

  • Lourdes Bruwer

    Lourdes Bruwer

    Occupational Therapist
  • Carly Tzanos

    Carly Tzanos

    Occupational Therapist
  • Lauren Mayer

    Lauren Mayer

  • Speech Therapist

    Carianne Vermeulen

    Speech Therapist
  • Lindi Bester

    Lindi Bester

    Speech Therapist
  • Claire Toi

    Claire Toi

    Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Martin Bailey

    Dr Martin Bailey

  • Kim Comline

    Dr Kim Comline

    Medical Doctor / Dietetics
  • Sister Conny Fraser Headshot

    Sister Conny Fraser

    Clinic Nurse
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Your child will develop more in the first 3 years than at any other time. We help you make the most of this precious time by answering your questions and concerns so you can focus on the special moments.

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