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View articles written by the Nubabi experts
Toddler sleeping with bunny
A sensory perspective on getting your baby to sleep
Sleep is super important for your child, a time for their busy little brains to process their day, lay down neural…
Boy playing with toy car
How to choose the right toys for your child
When it comes to toys and activities, what do children really need and how do you choose the right toys?
How to teach our kids to stay safe
Parenting is challenging. It’s ok, go ahead and smile at this understatement. Possibly the most difficult part of…
Baby with dummy
Should my baby use a dummy?
Dummies can help a baby comfort themselves and settle off to sleep. They’ve been known to help (particularly those born…
Toddler discipline
How and when to start disciplining your child
As responsible parents of the future generation, we desire to raise well-adjusted individuals who will be able to tackle…
Baby in walker
Baby walkers and jumpers - developmental help or hindrance?
Nowadays, parents are bombarded by toys, baby aids and equipment and knowing what toys to introduce is becoming more and…
Toddler telephones
Toddler talk - mastering pronunciation skills
Speech and Language Therapist for Nubabi, Lindi Bester, shares what you need to know about your child’s speech…
Toddler tantrum
How to get your toddler to co-operate
Ever had one of those moments? Or many of those moments? Does it sometimes feel like the Holy Grail of parenting is…
Mom and dad playing with daughter
Promoting speech and language development in everyday activities
Through simple daily interactions and experiences, you can help your toddler acquire new speech and language skills…