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So what's Nubabi all about?

My Learning Baby is now Nubabi

It’s been 3 years of success with My Learning Baby and over this time, co-founders Mark and Catherine Miller have spent many hours engaging with their fans. Over the past 18 months, they’ve been upgrading and transforming the experience for parents with babies and toddlers, and have now launched Nubabi. Catherine, co-founder (and mom of two) shares the what, why and how of Nubabi.

Why did My Learning Baby change to Nubabi?

My husband Mark and I launched My Learning Baby 3 years ago and as soon as we launched, we knew that we wanted to do more. Partly because of what we’d learnt from our own personal experience of having two babies – complete with all the questions, anxieties and information overload that comes with the package. But mainly because we’ve always asked for feedback from our My Learning Baby Moms on what could make their lives easier.

This confirmed that there was so much more Moms wanted answers to, so many areas they needed reassurance and help. So as soon as we felt the time was right, we started working on some improvements – which ultimately became Nubabi.

So, what is Nubabi?

Nubabi is My Learning Baby and much, much more. We added more experts, more information and more convenience.

In a nutshell, Nubabi is a growth and development guide for parents with kids under the age of 3. It’s available as an app and website and it has the answers to all your burning questions and concerns about parenting in those first 3 years. From things like: What is my child’s next milestone? and How do I stimulate my baby’s development? to What is cradle cap? and How do I do baby massage? All of the answers are provided by our team of early childhood development experts in the form of easy-to-use Tools.

Our Track tool answers your baby milestone questions, stage by stage. Our Boost tool gives you a weekly stimulation guide that can be adjusted to your child’s unique developmental stage. Our Explore tool answers your parenting and health queries and with our Capture tool, you can record the memories as you go.

It’s designed to be easy and fun to use while also providing you with expert information you can trust. No more wasting time on Google hunting for answers!

Did you get lots of feedback from current and past customers?

Heaps! That’s how we decided what changes to make. We’ve had some really encouraging feedback from our Moms, which is great because we worked so hard on My Learning Baby. But actually, it’s the constructive criticism and suggestions that guide us in terms of what to change and improve. Even with all the new additions that Nubabi offers, we still have a long wish list of new features we’re working on that we’re planning on adding as soon as we can. We’ll also keep chatting to our Moms and asking their opinions on what they need to make this the most helpful parenting toolkit ever.

How long have you been working on the new brand?

It’s been about 18 months of hard work to build Nubabi, but at least another year of conceptualizing and creating before that. That’s one of the few downsides of working as a small, independent team… Things do take a little longer to implement but it’s always done with our personal care and attention.

What are the most exciting changes, in your opinion?

I‘m thrilled that we now have a mobile app, it was one of the biggest requests from our Moms. It really does make life easier and so much more convenient. We don’t often find ourselves with hours of free time (or even that many minutes!) so being able to access the information easily and on the fly is great.

I’m also in love with the Capture tool, where you can create a timeline of memories and then share them with invited family and friends. I know we all have concerns about privacy, especially when it comes to our little ones, so it’s great to be able to share pics with your loved ones without sharing them with the world.

How will you use Nubabi with your son?

My youngest son is 16 months and we’ve been using My Learning Baby’s weekly stimulation guide (Nubabi’s Boost tool) from week 1. I usually print it out on a Monday morning and stick it on the fridge. Being a working Mom, our amazing nanny uses the guide daily and I try to repeat as many as I can when I get home or on the weekends. It’s not always possible to get to all of them, but I love that I can at least read them and feel like I’m staying in touch. Now that Nubabi is an app, I’ll be able to access the activities even easier, and still share it with our nanny.

With the Track, Explore and Capture tools, I will now have a better understanding of what to expect next in terms of his growth and development – and be there to snap the memories!

The Miller Family

Catherine and Mark Miller with their two boys, Sebastian (5) and Samuel (16 months)

What’s the biggest relief Nubabi offers?

Parenting can be pretty overwhelming at the best of times. We all know how exhausting it is to constantly care for little humans (whether or not they sleep). Add to that the emotional strain and worry that you’re not doing it right, and the fact that everyone has an opinion on how it should be done, it’s terrifying stuff!

We hope that Nubabi offers some relief and comfort. Our highly qualified team of Early Childhood Development experts offer guidance and answers in a gentle and supportive way. And you can rest assured that they are expert opinions: you don’t have to waste your precious free time searching for answers on the internet or navigate conflicting opinions from friends and family. It’s easy and convenient to access, and it can fit into your lifestyle – not dictate it.

Who is Nubabi perfect for?

Anyone who has contact with babies and toddlers between the ages of 0 and 3 years old. Mom, Dad, Granny, Nanny, Au Pair, Babysitter. If you want to understand your baby better, Nubabi is for you. Go check it out at

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