How to help your baby feel more secure

Bonding with your baby is a process that happens over months – it is not one magical moment. Babies gradually connect with the people that hold them, play with them and smile at them the most.

The more frequently your baby sees the same faces, the more they become attached or “bonded,” i.e. this person is my “safe refuge”.

The bonding process is normally complete by about 6 to 8 months and as babies begin to explore their new world which is full of surprises and dangers – they have a safe, secure individual to reach out for.

Routine with daily repetition is also vital for baby’s stability so that they can feel familiar with their world and a secure, warm, loving family environment completes the picture.

These factors provide the vital basis for teaching our babies about self-soothing at bedtime or confidence to play out of sight of mom. The vital knowledge that we are there even if they can’t see us.

Dr Martin Bailey