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Toddler Hanging Laundry
Turning Everyday Household Activities into Learning Opportunities
Household activities hold a wealth of developmental learning opportunities for your little one so, if you are willing to…
Baby stimulation
What you need to know about Baby Stimulation
Understanding what, when and how to stimulate your baby is simple. We’ve answered your questions here.
Little girl blowing bubbles
Boost your baby's development by blowing bubbles
Learn about the many wonderful developmental benefits the humble bubble can offer your little one.
Crying Baby
How to soothe your crying baby
Interpreting and understanding your baby’s cry
Everything you need to know about babywearing
Just like eating and sleeping, babies need to be held. Babywearing is a wonderful way of “holding” your baby using a…
Mother and baby sleeping
The benefits of a mother's love
The benefits of a mothers love is undeniable. Face-to-face interaction with your baby is the most powerful tool for…
Mother reading to daughters
Avoid overstimulation by understanding your baby's needs
Babies receive, tolerate and process sensory input in different ways and to different levels. How babies (and their…
Mom and baby painting
Boost your baby's brain in just 5 minutes a day
There’s one magnificent (and free) method that every parent can use to improve their child’s learning abilities.
Bonding with baby
Why bonding with your baby is so important
Meg Faure, Occupational Therapist and co-author of Baby Sense, Sleep Sense and Feeding Sense writes about the importance…
Family having a meal
Why family meal time is important
Do you come together for family meal time? It’s not always easy to do but with such benefits to be gained, now might be…
Mother and baby chatting
Why motherese is so great for your baby
Research in infants shows that speech sounds or “motherese” stimulate areas of the brain that plan speech, long before…
Dad and child playing
8 ways for dads to bond with baby
Dads might wonder if they have the right equipment for the job; rest assured you do! Here are 8 ways for dads to bond…
Mother and child laughing together
How to become a conscious parent
Learn how to become a conscious parent and why it’s so important.
Father and child reading
How to read to your toddler
Learn how to read to your toddler.