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Child using ipad
Managing screen time from early on
Screens and all they have to offer are here to stay and they are part of our lives and will be part of our children’s…
Bed Wetting
Help for nighttime bedwetting
Nighttime bedwetting. Causes and treatment advice from a child psychologist.
Why we should be discouraging w-sitting
Have you noticed your little one w-sitting while playing on the floor? W-sitting is when your child sits on his knees…
Kid In Mask
Helping kids adjust to wearing face masks
Expert advice on how to help your little one adjust to wearing a face mask.
Mother and Child
"Lawnmower Parenting" and its effect on your child's Motor Planning
Lawnmower or over-protective parenting could impact your child’s ability to develop their motor planning skills.
Picky eater
Help for your picky eater
Expert advice on how to assist your child who is a picky eater.
Baby fearing bathtime
Why your child may fear bathtime
Bathtime is meant to be a fun, bonding time with your baby or toddler. But what happens when it becomes a battleground…
Baby stimulation
What you need to know about Baby Stimulation
Understanding what, when and how to stimulate your baby is simple. We’ve answered your questions here.
Crying Baby
How to soothe your crying baby
Interpreting and understanding your baby’s cry
Everything you need to know about babywearing
Just like eating and sleeping, babies need to be held. Babywearing is a wonderful way of “holding” your baby using a…
Mom kissing baby
How to survive maternal separation anxiety when returning to work
6 helpful strategies to surviving maternal anxiety when returning to work.
Baby at plug point
Your child safety guide
Keeping your baby safe at home becomes more challenging as he or she learns to move. Start getting prepared by child…