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Crying Baby
How to soothe your crying baby
Interpreting and understanding your baby’s cry
Everything you need to know about babywearing
Just like eating and sleeping, babies need to be held. Babywearing is a wonderful way of “holding” your baby using a…
Baby with dummy
Should my baby use a dummy?
Dummies can help a baby comfort themselves and settle off to sleep. They’ve been known to help (particularly those born…
Hearing Loss
Your baby's hearing development
May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, a time to raise awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the various forms of…
Mother and baby sleeping
The benefits of a mother's love
The benefits of a mothers love is undeniable. Face-to-face interaction with your baby is the most powerful tool for…
Kid's bedroom
What you need to know about SIDS
Cot death (or SIDS) is one of the scariest phrases you can hear as a parent. The lack of a clear explanation behind the…
Mother gazing at baby
It's never too early to start learning language
Foundations of speech and language are laid down in a window of time soon after baby’s birth. Here’s how to give baby…
Mother and baby chatting
Why motherese is so great for your baby
Research in infants shows that speech sounds or “motherese” stimulate areas of the brain that plan speech, long before…