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Kid In Mask
Helping kids adjust to wearing face masks
Expert advice on how to help your little one adjust to wearing a face mask.
Baby fearing bathtime
Why your child may fear bathtime
Bathtime is meant to be a fun, bonding time with your baby or toddler. But what happens when it becomes a battleground…
Crying Baby
How to soothe your crying baby
Interpreting and understanding your baby’s cry
Everything you need to know about babywearing
Just like eating and sleeping, babies need to be held. Babywearing is a wonderful way of “holding” your baby using a…
Toddler sleeping with bunny
A sensory perspective on getting your baby to sleep
Sleep is super important for your child, a time for their busy little brains to process their day, lay down neural…
Potty Training
Potty Training - a sensory perspective
Are you feeling pressured to get your toddler out of nappies? It becomes increasingly stressful for parents when play…
Baby Massage
Sensory development - the first 1000 days
Sensory perception is the ability to accurately register and interpret information we get from our senses.  Sensory…
Kid doing chores
Fun ways to get your kid doing chores
Most of us want to encourage our children in the habit of helping around the house, and there’s plenty they can do from…
Baby flying on knees
How to boost your baby's development
How to boost your baby’s development and why stimulation is so important.
Baby crying
Help! Is my baby overstimulated?
Help! Is my baby overstimulated? A guide to reading your baby’s signals and tips to handle it.
Messy play
Is messy play beneficial for your baby?
While we can see our little people love messy play, it might surprise you to know that your intuition is right, the…
Little girl covering eyes
Is it a temper tantrum or sensory meltdown?
A temper tantrum or sensory meltdown look the same, it’s the cause and handling of them that are different.
Boy covering ears
Do you know your child's sensory personality?
Children all enjoy different levels of sensory stimulation. Do you know your child’s sensory personality?