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Playground Quarrel
When toddlers hurt others
Advice to parents when their toddler hurts another.
How to help you child be less fearful
How to help your child be less fearful
Clinical psychologist for Nubabi, Claire Toi, discusses the cause of fear in babies and toddlers and how we can work…
How to teach our kids to stay safe
Parenting is challenging. It’s ok, go ahead and smile at this understatement. Possibly the most difficult part of…
Toddler discipline
How and when to start disciplining your child
As responsible parents of the future generation, we desire to raise well-adjusted individuals who will be able to tackle…
Toddler tantrum
How to get your toddler to co-operate
Ever had one of those moments? Or many of those moments? Does it sometimes feel like the Holy Grail of parenting is…
Baby talking to mom
Social and emotional development – the first 1000 days
Social development entails learning how to interact with other people and what kind of behaviour is appropriate in…
Mother and baby sleeping
The benefits of a mother's love
The benefits of a mothers love is undeniable. Face-to-face interaction with your baby is the most powerful tool for…
Kid doing chores
Fun ways to get your kid doing chores
Most of us want to encourage our children in the habit of helping around the house, and there’s plenty they can do from…
Joyful Mom
Being a joyful mom
We all want our baby’s entry into the world to be ‘perfect’. We want nothing less for their nursery, nutrition…
Baby flying on knees
How to boost your baby's development
How to boost your baby’s development and why stimulation is so important.
Babies not sharing
Is teaching our kids to share helpful or harmful?
Most of us feel we should encourage sharing to be socially correct. But is teaching our kids to share doing more harm…
Little girl covering eyes
Is it a temper tantrum or sensory meltdown?
A temper tantrum or sensory meltdown look the same, it’s the cause and handling of them that are different.
Cute toddlers smiling
9 simple ways to boost your baby's social skills
Like all skills, social competencies are learned. But for toddlers who have not yet mastered self-control, it’s not…
Pregnant mom with family
How to prepare your little one for a new sibling
The trick in your last few months and weeks of pregnancy is to plan ahead and prepare your little one for a new sibling.
Toddler crying
5 helpful tips to ease separation anxiety
Separation anxiety is a normal part of emotional development – here’s 5 helpful tips on how to ease the stress for mom…
Little girl screaming
How to deal with temper tantrums
Temper tantrums are easy to spot. What’s not so easy, though, is knowing how to handle them effectively.