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How Nubabi can help you support your baby’s development

How Nubabi can help you support your baby’s development

We all want our babies to be developmentally ahead – or at least - on the curve. There is comfort in knowing that your child is developing similarly to others and that they are reaching the milestones listed on the early development map timeously.

The milestone trap

Developmental milestones certainly have their place: A set of age-specific tasks that most children can do within a certain age-range, it can be an invaluable tool for therapists and professionals in assessing a child’s progress and highlighting any deficiencies or warning signs.

A milestone shows that part of your baby’s brain has been wired and is ready to be used. It is something to be celebrated in its achievement but should not be focused on too much if not met exactly on target.

Each child is unique and will develop at their own unique pace, faster in some areas and slower in others so fixating too much on reaching milestones or comparing your baby’s development with other babies will only lead to unnecessary stress for new parents.

So unique and so different

Once we understand that our children each have their own unique developmental roadmap, their own marvelous timetable which we can observe and support, we can shift our focus from anxiety of what’s not happening to a positive focus of what is!

Wonderful watching

Spend some time finding out what milestones your little one is currently working towards. There are certain skills which are in the developmental spotlight at certain times and if you watch your little one, he will give you clues as to what he’s working on at any given time. Think about what his eyes are doing, how he is holding objects, how he is making his needs known or how friendly he is with others.

Opportunities for practice

If you are able to spot these emerging skills and provide opportunities for your little one to practice them more, then you will help consolidate the skill. This will then allow your baby to use this skill as a building block for the next one.

How Nubabi can help

At Nubabi, we are passionate about showing parents how easy it can be to improve their child’s learning abilities significantly simply by providing stimulating activities for playtime. With Nubabi you can:

  • Practice emerging skills with stimulating activities - Our early childhood development experts have created a Weekly Guide filled with activities designed to stimulate all of your little one’s emerging skills.
  • Provide opportunities for learning in all areas - Our activities span Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Speech and Language, Thinking & Reasoning, Social & Emotional and Sensory skill areas so you will always have the right activities on hand.
  • Align to your little one’s unique developmental level - Get the right stimulation at the right time by using Nubabi’s proprietary Adjust feature to match the activities to your little one’s current ability. By doing this, you are providing the opportunity to consolidate the learning and to cement the skill he/she should be developing right now.
  • Spend time playing not searching - Finding the time to play with your little one can be a challenge for most busy parents. So, instead of searching for play ideas, we’ve done the work for you. With the Weekly Stimulation Guide and our Pick and Play option, you’ll never run out of stimulating play opportunities again.

Your little one will develop more in the first 3 years of life than at any other time. Embrace the fact that focused playtime together can go a long way to giving your child the best start in life and with Nubabi in your pocket, isn’t it wonderful that it’s so easy (and fun) to do!

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