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Father and child on bed
Thats not just a couch. How to turn your home into a learning playground.
Advice on how your home provides all you need to keep your little one stimulated and entertained.
Playground Quarrel
When toddlers hurt others
Advice to parents when their toddler hurts another.
Jungle Gym
The benefits of taking your children to the park
Park equipment such as a jungle gyms are fantastic for your child’s developing body and brain.
How Nubabi can help you support your baby’s development
How Nubabi can help you support your baby’s development
We all want our babies to be developmentally ahead – or at least - on the curve. There is comfort in knowing that your…
Toddler talking
9 play strategies guaranteed to get your toddler talking
9 play strategies guaranteed to get your toddler talking
Baby stimulation
What you need to know about Baby Stimulation
Understanding what, when and how to stimulate your baby is simple. We’ve answered your questions here.
Little girl blowing bubbles
Boost your baby's development by blowing bubbles
Learn about the many wonderful developmental benefits the humble bubble can offer your little one.
Tent tea party
10 fun activities to keep your little ones entertained this holiday
It’s holiday time. The promise of a long-awaited break in our usual routines. It’s also a time when most moms, find…
Boy playing with toy car
How to choose the right toys for your child
When it comes to toys and activities, what do children really need and how do you choose the right toys?
Mom and dad playing with daughter
Promoting speech and language development in everyday activities
Through simple daily interactions and experiences, you can help your toddler acquire new speech and language skills…
Fine Motor Development
Fine motor development - the first 1000 days
Fine motor development is the refinement of all the small muscles of the body. It’s how your baby learns to control and…
Thinking & Reasoning
Thinking and reasoning development - the first 1000 days
Thinking and reasoning is a complex area of development which includes skills such as being able to pay attention to a…
Baby Massage
Sensory development - the first 1000 days
Sensory perception is the ability to accurately register and interpret information we get from our senses.  Sensory…
Baby Speech Bubble
Speech and language development - the first 1000 days
Speech and language are the skills we use to communicate with others. We form these skills during the first years of…
Baby talking to mom
Social and emotional development – the first 1000 days
Social development entails learning how to interact with other people and what kind of behaviour is appropriate in…
Baby Tummy Time
Gross motor development - the first 1000 days
Gross motor development is the process of refinement of all the big muscles of the body. It’s how your baby learns to…
Mother reading to daughters
Avoid overstimulation by understanding your baby's needs
Babies receive, tolerate and process sensory input in different ways and to different levels. How babies (and their…
Mom and baby painting
Boost your baby's brain in just 5 minutes a day
There’s one magnificent (and free) method that every parent can use to improve their child’s learning abilities.
Little girl singing
9 ways singing enhances learning
Through music, your baby learns a myriad skills essential for language development, and early learning. Nubabi speech…
Kid doing chores
Fun ways to get your kid doing chores
Most of us want to encourage our children in the habit of helping around the house, and there’s plenty they can do from…
Toddler being curious
How to cultivate your child's curiosity
Children are naturally curious. Encouraging this interest can help them develop a lifelong love of learning.
Mother singing to baby
Recipe for a song
Another way to share music is to make up a song especially for your baby. Follow these guidelines to create a custom…
Bonding with baby
Why bonding with your baby is so important
Meg Faure, Occupational Therapist and co-author of Baby Sense, Sleep Sense and Feeding Sense writes about the importance…
3 kids playing
Why play is so important
Opportunities for play seem to be diminishing, giving rise to a host of sensory and learning difficulties. Here’s why…
Messy play
Is messy play beneficial for your baby?
While we can see our little people love messy play, it might surprise you to know that your intuition is right, the…
Dad and child playing
8 ways for dads to bond with baby
Dads might wonder if they have the right equipment for the job; rest assured you do! Here are 8 ways for dads to bond…
Baby watching TV
Why TV is so harmful to your baby
Research is showing us why TV is so harmful to your baby.
Father and child reading
Why kids love repetition and why it's so good for them
Kids love repetition and luckily it’s also a powerful tool for learning!